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OSL Concrete™ eliminates many of the challenges of land-based Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) production and delivery through a new and innovative approach. OSL brings the concrete plant closer to the construction site and pumps RMC directly from the ship. This minimizes or eliminates the need for truck transportation in the production and delivery of RMC.  

Working Together

We solve complex problems for construction projects by reducing street traffic, noise, ground logistics and air pollution attributed to construction. We eliminate RMC plants in urban areas while delivering one of the largest elements of construction in an environmentally responsible way.

Why Choose Us?

We alter the economics of your project through time and cost savings. Our delivery capacity is equivalent to over 20 mixer trucks per hour, with lead times as little as 20 minutes. Admixtures accelerate curing times while costing 30% less than traditional RMC suppliers. 

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